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The letters we got from our past guests speak for themselves.

Dear Chevrah family,

For the past 40 years, my beloved parents Z”L have taken me and subsequently may family away for Pesach. This year it was up to me to choose and take my family away and we wanted to try something new. As expert Pesach guests, all I can say is … WOW, what an unbelievable time the family had spending Pesach with you. The hotel was beautiful, but of course it comes down to the door and the program and both of them are truly outstanding. In all my years away, I had never had the host and his family ask me daily, “Is everything okay, can I get anything for you?” Your boys asked me this every day. Please save us two Excutive Suites for next year!

Thank you!

H. B.

Dear Chevrah,

I am writing to thank you for Pesach. It was truly a fabulous experience. As you know, my family comes from all across the country, and Pesach is when we gather together. This Pesach was unlike any other family gathering we’ve had. The kids (and the adults!) are still talking about it. We are all looking forward to our next family gathering with the Chevrah.

Thank you again, we will see you soon!

J. R. S

Dear Chevrah,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Pesach. We know how hard you work to make everything so lovely and we really appreciate it!

H. I. S.

Dear Chevrah,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express our sincerest of thanks for the most memorable Pesach we could possibly have imagined. The Chevrah program exceeded our wildest imagination and will certainly provide us many memorable memories to cherish and hold dear throughout the year. I must say that your generosity and magnanimous approach towards your guests is truly remarkable. Each and every day of Yom Tov and Cool Hamoed was special in its own right, and added immeasurably to our Simchas Yom Tov. Your attention to detail in both Gashmius and Ruchnius goes beyond the norm. From programming to staff to menus and Shiurim, every facet was of the highest caliber.

Y. L.

Dear Chevrah,

It is difficult to find the proper words to reflect the deep appreciation and delight that our family feels about the Pesach extravaganza experience that you and your family so graciously provided for us. The beautiful facility’s attention to detail was a mere reflection of the massive attention to every detail in the entire program, both in Gashmius and Ruchnius. Rarely do you find so many satisfied people, to such an extent, that no one was even looking for something to complain about. Needless to say, there was nothing to be found, had anyone cared to look. We are honored and grateful to have had the privilege to participate and look forward to enjoying Pesach together with you and the Chevrah in Yerushalaim.

J. B.

Dear Chevrah,

We had an amazing Yom Tov! Thanks to you! Every detail was noticed and appreciated. We hope to join you next year IY”H in Yerushalayim! Wishing you all the best!

M. I.

Dear Chevrah,

Words cannot express our amazement at what you have pulled off. We thought we knew what to expect as this was our third year with the Chevrah, but we were wrong. Pesach was out of this world. The entertainment, day camp, weather, and of course the food, was once again more than we could have asked for.

R. R.

Dear Chevrah,

This was the first year that we went away for Pesach, and we have all agreed that it will not be our last. Pesach with the Chevrah gave us a chance to relax, without compromising the “Yom Tov” feeling. We don’t know what the other programs are like, but we are sure that no other program could be as committed to their costumers as you are. We’ll be back! Thank you again!

H. L.

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