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Rabbi Eli Mansour

Rabbi of Bet Yaakob Synagogue and Motivational Speaker

Rabbi Eli Mansour is a house-hold name in Torah homes and his voice emanates from every digital device. The popularity of his lectures has spread far and wide and his far ranging shiurim and lectures can be found on literally every popular Torah platform. The plethora of knowledge Rabbi Mansour has garnered from his intense Torah education shines through his every word. His outstanding scholarship, clarity of presentation, magnetic personality and ability to relate to people of all levels of observance combined to make him an exceptional teacher and leader, who could show Jews from all backgrounds the joy and fulfillment that can be achieved through a Torah lifestyle.


Rabbi Yoel Gold

Rav of Congregation Beis Naftali and Motivational Speaker

Serving the Los Angeles community and renowned for his impactful sermons, moving stories of Hashgacha Pratis and popular lectures, Rabbi Yoel Gold is perused across the globe for inspiration. Sharing his love for life and passion for the Torah, his contagious inspirational messages have inspired countless audiences. Prestigiously featured as a speaker at this year’s Siyum Hashas, his unique video series are some of the most popular and there is no part of the world yearning for that “next video from Rabbi Yoel Gold.”

Rabbi Segelman

Rabbi Elan Segelman

Rabbi of Kehilas Torah Temima

Rabbi Segelman is the Rabbinic Director for PUAH in America. He attained a B.A. in Psychology from Touro College’s Lander College for Men, as well as an M.A. from Touro College’s Graduate School of Jewish Studies. Upon the completion of his Semicha, was appointed as a Shoel U’Maishiv and Rebbe in the Lander College Judaic Studies Program. Rabbi Segelman currently serves as the Rabbinic Educator at New York Medical College & Touro College of Dental Medicine in Valhalla, NY.


Charlie Harary

Motivational Speaker

Charlie has become a world-renowned lecturer, traveling extensively both domestically and internationally to speak on topics of personal growth and business strategy and productivity for nearly two decades. Leveraging his unique expertise on personal success and social impact, Charlie has become a sought-after speaker featured each year by almost 100 different organizations, businesses, conventions, and academic institutions. His podcasts, radio programs and television appearances are some of the most sought after in the world.

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Ari Boiangiu

Rebbe of the Year Recipient and Guitar Legend

Before the age of 20, Rav Ari had made a name for himself in the world of Jewish music, bringing simcha to thousands of families all over New York and the world. However, his inner calling was to teach, and so began his career in chinuch. As a rebbe for 9th and 10th grade, R’ Ari continues to shape the lives of his talmidim by teaching and spreading a love of Torah and Mitzvos. Ari currently owns and operates Blue Melody, a top-tier Jewish production company performing with all of today’s Jewish stars.

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Mrs. Jackie Bitton

Motivational Speaker

Mrs. Jackie Bitton can count 20 years of educating our communities, seminaries, multiple high schools and specialty program amongst her many accomplishments. Today, she is the Masgicha Ruchanit of Ateres Naava seminary and Bnos Bina and the Dean of students for BCA High School for Girls. Mrs. Bitton has gained worldwide attention as a keynote speaker at many different events, organizations and special venues. Mrs. Bitton’s audience is geared to girls and women of all Jewish backgrounds and ages.


Zalman & Allison Rudd

Day Camp Directors

Zalman and Allison Rudd have been working with children of all ages for more than two decades. Over the years, they have served as coordinators in overnight camps and run day camps throughout the country. Zalman has been working in the local Middle and High School as Athletic Director and Sports Coach for the past 11 years. Additionally, for many years now Zalman and Allison have been running the youth program in their Shul. We are very excited to have them join The Chevrah this Pesach as the Day Camp Directors.


Blue Melody

House Band

Blue Melody is a homogeneous mix of some of the most elite musicians available today. The group has invested and continues to invest countless hours creating this vibrant Blue product. Arrangements, rehearsals, studio work, coordination, stage presence & so much more. We are thrilled to have the group as our own in-house band for the entire Pesach adding Ruach and excitement to our BBQ Pool, lounges, and our tea room band. 

More coming soon

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