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The number one question we are asked by inquiring new guests is, “Why do you not advertise your entertainment?” We often refer them to a current guest and the answer is certainly not because we are procrastinating. In fact, much of our entertainment is booked a year in advance. Our reputation for surprising our guests with over the top and not to be believed events is our Modus Operandi.

As singing superstar Yaakov Shwekey said under the stars, and over 100 stage lights hanging from the 50’ high truss with a 50 piece orchestra behind him, “No one does it like Pesach with The Chevah.”

Ask our guests about the Chevrah’s entertainment and their eyes will light up. Concerts,  laser-light shows, death-defying “Globe of Death” motorcycle shows an exclusive Miami Boys Choir Concert as well as a custom Tzniyos Circus under a 1,500 person tent that fit our elephant (check the galleries if you don’t believe us) are all part of the surprises. All this entertainment, followed by the Chevrah’s signature “All Things Chocolate” Extravaganza and renowned Frestiville, was enough to delight even the toughest critic.

Additionally, some highlights include; an elite Chevrah Carnival presented to our guests with a Gravitron, Carousel, Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheel, Giant Slide and other rides in addition to unlimited games and prizes. A 45 piece Chevrah Sunbelt Philharmonic with newly written compositions was music to our ears. It does not seem to get any better, unless you consider our fireworks show, and car show just to add some additional fun to your day.

Our portable outdoor ice-skating rink in the desert – imported from across the country – was a hit all Chol Hamoed long! We have also had BMX stunt shows, dancing robots, as well as stunt men and performers from all over the world. Of course our nightly music and dancing with a live lobby band is one of the many Chevrah standards. Is there anything we haven’t done yet? Only time will tell but, without spoiling any future surprises, we can assure you that this year will tell a whole lot.