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Chevrah Day Camp

Chevrah Kids

Two words you will never hear from your child attending Chevrah Day Camp: “I’m Bored.” Our Chevrah Day Camp kids are never bored. They are too busy with Olympics, Color War, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, talent shows, puppet shows, circus workshops, and magic shows. Of course all of the above is in addition to the traditional camp activities which include arts & crafts, sports, group games, and more.

Our Chevrah kids are also privileged to Pesach/Parshah stories, learning activities, and special Shabbos/Yom Tov parties. Fantastic night activities have kept the day campers busy around the clock.

Chevrah Tots

Our “Chevrah Tots” program has provided a warm, safe and fun environment for even the youngest Chevrah members during the formal meals. Our Dynamic Staff is composed of experienced and dedicated division directors, counselors, and junior counselors who take great care to make sure to show our day campers the safest and most exciting time ever imagined.

The best description is a line from a song written by our Senior Girl’s group: “Chevrah Day Camp is always number one. When you’re with your counselors you’re having so much fun.” It is an entire summer’s worth of fun pushed into just a few days.

With carnival’s prizes and even on on-site Cactus Museum tour, the Chevrah Day Camp is ready for another great season!